Leading diverse teams and difficult people

Inclusion and diversity are important in creating top performing teams but come with added complexity and specific challenges that homogeneous teams don’t face. Diverse teams need strong leadership to bring out the team’s strengths and manage it’s challenges.

Creating unity in a group of different genders, ages, generations, functions and cultural backgrounds needs strong leadership that is able to connect with a wide range of people and unify the team under a shared goal and common values. This workshop unpacks the psychology and brain processes involved in achieving this.

Participants leave the session with:

  • More insight into the challenges and strengths of diverse teams
  • More insight into the leadership that helps diverse teams perform at their best

Techniques for:

  • Managing millennials
  • Delivering difficult messages
  • Influencing difficult people
  • Bringing unity to a diverse team


Duration: 1 – 3 hour options available

Investment: Pricing depends on workshop duration, location and number of participants. For a detailed quote please contact us on chantal@renewleadership.co.nz

Questions: For any question please feel free to contact us on chantal@renewleadership.co.nz