Leadership coaching is a dynamic, energising and transformational process that takes a leader’s performance to the next level.

–  Chantal Hofstee


Leadership is not a position but a skillset
One-on-one Leadership Coaching is designed to support and enhance a leader’s skills development and effectiveness in reaching their goals. This is achieved through research based skills training with a focus on brain training and the psychology of leadership.

“I have found Chantal to be extremely credible and knowledgeable in her field, while also having the key dynamic of being able to relate coaching tools to my everyday work life. The choice of tools used were well suited to me and the areas I needed to focus on and I have referred to them on a daily basis since being introduced to them.” 

Phillip Mills, CEO Less Mills international

“I am thrilled with the progress I have made and the impact it has had in such a short space of time. I strongly recommend Chantal.” 

Partner, One of the big four accounting offices in Auckland


New leadership thinking and skills equal new leadership outcomes
Leadership training is available as a group training for up to 10 leaders. It will equip leaders with research based strategies and techniques to optimise their brain function, strengthen resilience and train new leadership thinking.
“Excellent workshop with practical application for ideas for work. Chantal is great! She is confident, personable, likeable, knowledgeable and fully competent in the material”

Accountant, Crown Forestry Rental Trust

“Chantal was excellent. She made you feel relaxed from day one, which made it easier to participate in the training. Would recommend this course to anyone.”

Team Leader, IRD

“It exceeded my expectations. Opens up the mind, encourages growth and self-worth. Chantal is an inspirational person, genuine, accepting and a great presenter. Lots of people should do this training!”
Dean Olson

Accountant, Toyota New Zealand


⫸ What makes leaders great - the research

⫸ Values based leadership made practical

⫸ Resilience & mindfulness in leadership

⫸ Good authority & Boundary setting

⫸ Leading diverse teams and difficult people

⫸ Becoming a c-suite influencer

⫸ Workshop X custom made for your organisation


Where possible we offer a free meeting to every prospective client, whether it is for leadership coaching or training. This is the perfect opportunity to ask questions, discuss coaching or training goals and find out if there is a good fit.